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Crème Lubricant

Succumb to the allure of partnered bliss with this luscious crème lubricant designed to complement c-rings and elevate oral delights. With a smooth, long-lasting formula, Euforia Crème Lubricant is infused with sweet vanilla notes so your nightly escapades taste as irresistible as they feel.


  • Perfect Pairing: Designed to complete the Euforia experience, this lubricant is recommended for use with the Euforia R88 C-Ring.
  • Luxurious & Creamy: Rich, emollient lubricant glides on comfortably.
  • Long Lasting: Formulated for longer romantic interludes.
  • Natural Bliss: Infused with safflower seed and sunflower oils.
  • 3 oz./90 ml

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