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Ascent Bangle Polished

Every day is an indulgence when the gorgeous gleam of 18-karat rose gold adorns your wrist. The stunning Ascent Bangle features luxurious rose gold over 316 stainless steel, and at .75 inches, it’s wide enough to make a statement, but sophisticated enough to let your entire ensemble shine. Accented with an eye-catching Euforia insignia.


  • Beauty & Form: Sturdy surgical-grade 316 stainless steel plated with luxurious 18-karat rose gold.
  • Discreet Fashion: Designed with a hidden hinge that snaps closed under the Euforia insignia.
  • Choose Your Fit: Available in S/M (2.5-inch) and M/L (3-inch) diameters.
  • Choose Your Finish: Available in brushed with polished insignia and polished with brushed insignia.
  • Limited Edition: Only 1,700 pieces in each finish available.

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